Monday, January 26, 2015

First video after liberation of Kobani 26/01/2015


Kurdish Traditional fold Song: Biji ypg soresa wasokani


A scene of fierce fighting between Kurdish forces and ISIS terrorists in Kobani few days back

Putin leads Russia to...bullshit: S&P downgrades Russia credit rating to junk

LONDON (AP) — Standard & Poor's rating agency on Monday downgraded Russia's credit grade by one notch to junk status, citing a weakened economic outlook.

Once a prosperous, bustling town of a half million people, today Kobani looks like this...

Only Bravery will set you free - A salute to the Fallen Heroic Kurdish Freedom Fighters

On this night while Kurds and friends are cheerful celebrating Kobane’s liberation in Kurdistan and all around the world, let us remember and honor the departed Kobane defenders, free men and women who gave all they had to save hope for freedom, and sacrificed their lives to secure human values attacked by the dark forces.


Victory for the Braves: Kurds push Islamic State out of Kobani after four-month battle :-)


Jan 26
An exhausted Kurdish YPG Woman Fighter after the Victory against ISIS and Liberation of the City in Kobane
An exhausted Kurdish YPG Woman Fighter after the Victory against ISIS and Liberation of the City in Kobane

BEIRUT/ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Kurdish forces took full control of the Syrian town of Kobani on Monday, driving out remaining Islamic State fighters to end a four-month battle that became a focal point of the international fight against the ultra-hardline Islamist group.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

After 133 bloody days of fierce fighting, Kobani is finally LIBERATED by Kurdish Freedom Fighters :-)

Anonymous: Just heard Kobane is officially liberated! Such good news!!

Kurds: You can’t imagine how happy we are right now. There were some very dramatic months, in which so much had happened. I remember the first days. The media and governments claimed every day, that it would be only a matter of time until the city would fall.

Cả nhà trung tá VC bị chém, 2 người tử vong :-)

Ngôi nhà nơi xảy ra án mạng
Ngôi nhà nơi xảy ra án mạng

(Tin tức pháp luật) – Tại Gia Lai mới xảy ra vụ án mạng khiến 2 người thiệt mạng. Được biết 2 người đó là chồng và con một trung tá chuyên nghiệp, thuộc Binh đoàn 15…

Sáng 21/1, tin từ Công an huyện Đức Cơ, Gia Lai cho biết, cơ quan này đang phối hợp với Phòng PC45 Công an tỉnh điều tra một vụ giết người xảy ra ở một gia đình trú tại địa bàn thôn Ia Tang, xã Ia Kla.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Syrian boy eats grass to survive

Turkish civilization: Syrian kid beaten by Turkish manager for eating leftover fries at Burger King

The photo shows a Syrian boy beaten in Turkey after eating a customer’s leftovers, January 21, 2015.

Istanbul-Turkey _ The manager of an Istanbul branch of Burger King beat up a Syrian boy for eating leftover french fries in trays at the restaurant.

Photos of the child whose age and name were not revealed emerged online on Thursday night. In the photos, which have caused public outrage, the boy is seen with a bloody nose sitting on the ground while onlookers help him.

Top 6 Antioxidant Foods For Preventing Cancer :-)

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, a pandemic that claims millions of lives each year. Cancer starts with healthy cells, slowly mutating into cancer cells that form tumors. As the tumor grows, it disrupts normal body functions, steals nutrients from the body, eventually causing organ failure. Although extensive tests and researches have been conducted to determine how the disease works, cancer remains as an incurable disease. The likelihood of death is high when diagnosed with this condition.

The good news is, certain types of foods we eat may inhibit cell mutation that leads to cancer. If you fortify your diet with the following foods, you just might be cutting your risk of developing this disorder:

1. Red Grapes (nho đỏ)

Aside being a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals, grapes also contain a potent antioxidant called resveratrol. Resveratrol is part of a family of compounds known as polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals and repair cells from damages.

Đặng Chí Hùng - Khi Tôi Chết Hãy Chôn Tôi ở đỉnh Đồi Charlie

Đặng Chí Hùng - Khi Tôi Chết Hãy Chôn Tôi ở đỉnh Đồi Charlie

ISIS sympathizer gets 4 years. What about VC sympathizers here in the US, too many of them.

Denver woman who tried to help terrorists receives 4 years.

DENVER (AP) — A 19-year-old suburban Denver woman who tried to go to Syria to help Islamic State militants was sentenced to four years in prison Friday, even as she tearfully told a judge that she never wanted to hurt anyone and has disavowed jihad.

Shannon Conley told the judge she was misled while pursuing Islam and learned only after her arrest about atrocities committed by the extremists she was taught to respect.

Whether it's a fact or fiction, it's been very famous: The Long Walk (Cuộc Lữ Hành Bi Thảm)

By Mikael Strandberg

The Long Walk, did it ever happen? (By Mikael Strandberg/CuChullaine O´Reilly, first published on ExWeb) The book the Long Walk – a true story of a trek to Freedom by Slavomir Rawicz has inspired generations of arm chair readers and explorers world wide. Since it was first published 1956 it has sold more than 500 000 copies and been translated into 25 languages. Between Christmas and New Year the Hollywood movie The Way Back hit the screens in the US and the UK. It is based and inspired by the book. But the big question is, did the Long Walk ever happen? And if, by who?