Friday, February 27, 2015

Kurdish fighters liberated Til Hemis village & killed 175 ISIS rats :-)

Feb 27Kurdish YPG Fighters have Liberated the Village Til Hemis and killed 175 ISIS Terrorists + Capturing 8 alive. YPG dedicate the Victory to their fallen Australian Comrade.A YPG fighter in Til Hemis: “I wish I would have a camera to show how ISIS run away from the fronts and how they asking god to help them.”

Kurdish YPG Fighters have Liberated the Village Til Hemis and killed 175 ISIS Terrorists + Capturing 8 alive. YPG dedicate the Victory to their fallen Australian Comrade.

A YPG fighter in Til Hemis: “I wish I had a camera to show how ISIS run away from the fronts and how they asking God to help them.”

Islamic State threat boosts business for Kurdish gunsmith :-)

In this Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015 photo, gunsmith Bahktiyar Sadr-Aldeen repairs a weapon at his shop, in Irbil, northern Iraq. Sadr-Aldeen, an Iraqi Kurd, has seen his business shoot up by 50 percent since last June, when the Islamic State took over the Iraqi city of Mosul. Located in a cellar in the city’s bazaar, the shop is a well-known spot for peshmerga soldiers. (AP Photo/Bram Janssen)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

'Jihadi John' killer from Islamic State beheading videos unmasked as Londoner

'Jihadi John' killer from Islamic State beheading videos named by media

By Michael Holden and Mark Hosenball

LONDON/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The masked "Jihadi John" killer who fronted Islamic State beheading videos has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi, a British computer programming graduate from a well-to-do London family.

Kurdish Freedom Fighters: "We took revenge for Ashley, for his family, Australia and the world."

*ISIS rats killed by Kurdish YPG and YPJ armed forces

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Leyla Qasim: Symbol of Freedom, and Independence

Leyla Qasim
image: Leyla Qasim

By Leyla Pekoz Caliskan:

Leyla Qasım was born in 1952 into a very patriotic family. She was the third of five children born to a  farmer, Dalaho Qasim, and his wife Kanî. Leyla was born in Xaneqîn but relocated to Irbil when she was four years old. She and her brothers – Sebih, Selam, Sefa and Selah – were all very dedicated to their education.

Leyla finished her primary and high school education before the policies of the Baathist regime forced her to move to Baghdad with her family. As Faylee Kurds they belonged to a group that has faced decades of brutal discrimination in Iraq.  Faylee Kurds have mostly lived in one of the oldest quarters of Baghdad, a quarter named after them: “Agd al-Akrad”, meaning “The Kurds´ Quarter”. They have generally been secular and moderately nationalist Kurds. They speak their own Kurdish dialect and are one of the oldest sections of the Iraqi population in general and of Baghdad society in particular.

New World Summit Brussels: Speaker Dilar Dirik

Dilar Dirik, a 24 years old Kurd, is an activist of the Kurdish Women’s Movement and a PhD student in the Sociology Department of the University of Cambridge. Her lecture at the 4th New World Summit is entitled “Stateless Democracy: How the Kurdish Women Movement Liberated Democracy from the State”

A Farewell Salute: Ashley from Australia joined YPG to help Kurds fight ISIS, dies in battle. RIP.

Sad news: The first Foreign YPG Fighter has fallen as a  martyr yesterday in Shingal during the fight against ISIS Terrorists.

Ashley from Australia.
You gave up your safe life to come and help us. You are a Freedom Fighter, a martyr and will forever live in the hearts of the Kurdish people. We will never forget you. Rest in Peace our Hero.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

Diễn Hành Tết Nguyên Đán Ất Mùi 2015 trên đường Saigòn thành phố Westminster, Nam California


Thành Phố Westminster chính thức gắn bảng "Saigon" trên đại lộ Bolsa, thủ đô tỵ nạn Little Saigon



Las Vegas: Chuẩn Tướng Lý Tòng Bá, nguyên Tư Lệnh SĐ 25 Bộ Binh QL VNCH, Từ Trần

Chuẩn Tướng Lý Tòng Bá, QL VNCH

Gia đình & Lý Tòng Tôn xin báo tin buồn cùng với quý anh chị em cùng các chiến hữu của anh Lý Tòng Bá là:

Anh Lý Tòng Bá đã về với Chúa lúc 4:03 sáng nay, Chúa Nhật 22 tháng 2 tại Southern Hill Hospital, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hưởng thọ 85 tuổi

Cấp bậc sau cùng là Chuẩn Tướng Tư lịnh sư đoàn 25 bộ binh Quân Lực Việt Nam Cộng Hòa.

Xin đại diện gia đình thông báo tin buồn, những chi tiết tang lễ và những tin tức khác sẽ thông báo sau.

Xin tất cả cùng hiệp thông Cầu nguyện cho anh được sớm hưởng nhan Thánh giá Chúa.

Kính báo,

Lý Tòng Tôn
Chuyển tin: BMH, Washington DC

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Visit to the YPJ (Kurdish Women Protection Units) in Northern Syria

From Biehl on Bookchin

“We want the world to know us not because of our weapons but because of our ideas.”
by Janet Biehl, Academic Delegation to Rojava

On December 7 our delegation met with members of a platoon of YPJ, the women’s defense force (Kurdish:Yekîneyên Parastina Jinê), in Amuda, Rojava.

Total Respect

The two young sisters joined the fight in the beginning of the war, almost 3 years ago, like their two brothers. They were 17 and 18 years old at this time. One of the brother died near Tel Tamer, he was 18 year old. Their parents approved their choices, especially the mother who is very supportive. Around them not everyone understood, but globally almost everybody accepted it. They are not afraid to die, and claim to fight for the freedom of Kurdish people AND the freedom of women.

Kobani fighter Zozan Cudi - a young, beautiful, intelligent, elloquent, independent and brave young woman