Friday, July 31, 2015

United Against Turkish Terrorism

Mullah Omar Biographer: 'The World's Most Mysterious Political Leader'

Photo: Dutch Journalist Bette Dam

Following reports of the death of Mullah Omar, the situation in Afghanistan is chaotic -- the peace process is on the fritz and the Taliban is divided. A Dutch journalist writing a biography of the Islamist leader says his role has been exaggerated.

Dutch journalist Bette Dam, 36, spent eight years working as a journalist in Kabul. She's currently working on a biography of Mullah Omar, the reclusive Taliban leader whose death was acknowledged on Thursday. The confirmation by the Taliban followed reports by Afghan and Pakistani authorities earlier this week that the Islamist had perished some two or three years ago. Mullah Omar had been wanted since 2001 for providing a safe haven in Afghanistan to the late terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. The United States had even placed a $10-million bounty on his head.

These female Kurdish soldiers wear their Femininity with Pride :-)

Beritan, 30, likes to wear her hair in a bun with blue pins to hold her tight black curls. Lilav, 19, prefers an elaborate braid that starts from the top of her head. The much older Berfin opts for a softer, lower one. Every morning before going out on a mission the women help each other do their hair.

Teresa Trần Kiều Ngọc: Hành Trang và Lý Tưởng

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vẹm Dốt Làm Báo: Đài VOA Tiếng Việt đã trở thành Đài VOA Tiếng VẸM :-(

 Phóng Viên VẸM của đài VOA Viết:

- Người Việt sát cánh chống Trung Quốc với Philippines

Câu này có nghĩa là: Người Việt sát cánh (với nhau) để chống (cả hai) Trung Quốc và Philippines.

Trong khi đó, cái Ý mà phóng Viên VẸM này muốn nói là như vầy:

Tư Lệnh Mặt Trận Sarrin: YPG (Men Units) commander Merxas Botan and YPJ (Women Units) Commander Diljin Kobanê

Battle of Sarrin: Kurdish YPG (Men Units) Field Commander Merxas Botan and YPJ (Women Units) Commander Diljin Kobanê

Kurdish YPJ (Women Units) Field Commander Diljin Kobanê meets the press in Sarrin 7/28/2015

Big Victory Brings Big Hug :-)

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Kobani's "Bomb Square": "they've brought death, we've turned it into life" :-)