Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Report: Russia Is Ready for Shooting War, Will Likely Win Looming Nuclear Showdown with U.S.

Preparedness for a nuclear conflict could prove as the foremost tactical advantage of Russia over the United States, likely positioning Moscow to score a win in case a shooting World War III with Washington as nemesis erupts.

America got enlightened: 'The World Has China Wrong', Says Top Pentagon Adviser

Navy personnel on board the USS Makin Island look towards the ICC building (C) in Hong Kong on Aug. 20, 2014. Michael Pillsbury, a top adviser to the Pentagon, says the US needs to rethink its analysis on China. (Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images)

Navy personnel on board the USS Makin Island look towards the ICC building (C) in Hong Kong on Aug. 20, 2014. Michael Pillsbury, a top adviser to the Pentagon, says the US needs to rethink its analysis on China. (Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images)

Military leaders in China are known for their outlandish plots. Due to the nature of their strange proposals, which are often coupled with highly aggressive undertones, many China experts write their claims off as little more than internal propaganda to rally the Chinese people.

Putin’s peril: An economy in free-fall

Putin’s peril: An economy in free-fall

MOSCOW — Vladimir Putin enjoys sky-high approval ratings at home — for now. But economic free-fall beckons.

When Putin ordered his “little green men” into Crimea to steal Ukrainian territory, most Russians were ecstatic at the assertion of national power.

US Army may station tanks in Eastern Europe

Washington (AFP) - The US Army plans to deploy about 150 tanks and armored vehicles to NATO countries next year and some of the heavy armor may be stationed in Eastern Europe, a top American general said Tuesday.

Syria Isis News: Kurds Grant Women Equal Rights in Defiance of Isis Laws :-)

On the Front Line:  A Kurdish Female Freedom Fighter is fighting ISIS with a heavy machine gun.

New Decree also Abolishes Forced Marriage and Honour Killing

The local government of an autonomous Kurdish area in Syria has granted women equal rights to men.

The move came as dozens of Kurdish women and girls are taking arms to combat the insurgence of terror group Islamic State (Isis), who have seized large swathes of Syria and Iraq since its uprising erupted in July. IS has imposed its own rules and version of Sharia law in the occupied territories.

[New York Times] Learning From Kobani: Direct Democracy :-)

While the Syrian border town of Kobani may be viewed as a public relations battle by the United States and the Islamic State, Kobani’s true strategic importance is that it exemplifies the new Kurdish commitment to eschewing nationalism in favor of building a citizen-empowered democracy that departs radically even from existing forms of democracy in the West.

Ϲăn Nhà Màu Ƭím _Giáng Thu & Giang Tử (pre75)

Ϲhiều nhìn rɑ đầu ngõ,
Dâng dâng niềm thương nhớ dáng xinh xinh một người.

Another Look At The Military Base China Is Building On A Disputed Reef

china air strip gfx
A CGI image of the facility released by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation.

A tropical coral reef has been transformed by the Chinese military into a base that could host a 3,000-meter long airstrip and naval port, ready to push Beijing's territorial claim over the South China Sea.

Fiery Cross Reef, where China has constructed its new artificial island, lies in the Spratly Islands, a chain of 750 atolls and reefs.

Kobani ISIS Fighter Sends Out Desperate Message For Prayers And Support: Euphoria Turns Into Desperation As Kurds Advance

Kurdish women with small children joint fight against ISIS

Signs of Kobani ISIS fighters in Syria growing desperate have been amply buttressed by the recent outpourings of a Chechen militant in the social media. From this northern Syrian city, he issued an emotional plea for support and prayer for him and his supporters.

This conforms the news that ISIS is facing reverses as the advancing forces of Kurdish fighters have started seizing vital buildings used by ISIS, besides capturing a large number of weapons and ammunition. This was reported by RFERL News, quoting the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Idris Nassan, a Kurdish official in Kobani, also claimed that Kurds had made "big progress in the east and southeast" of Kobani, and the ISIS control of the town has been reduced to less than 20 percent. 

Merkel hits diplomatic dead-end with Putin

BERLIN (Reuters) - After nine months of non-stop German diplomacy to defuse the crisis in Ukraine, Chancellor Angela Merkel decided in mid-November that a change of tack was needed.

Ahead of a summit of G20 leaders in Australia, Merkel resolved to confront Vladimir Putin alone, without the usual pack of interpreters and aides.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Turkish President Erdogan: women are not equal to men! ^_^ :-)

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan set off a new controversy on Monday, declaring that women are not equal to men and accusing feminists of not understanding the special status that Islam attributes to mothers.

Palawan, The Most Beautiful Island In The World, Is Sheer Perfection

coron islands


China defies U.S. call to stop island project in South China Sea

BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Monday hit back at "irresponsible remarks" from the United States which has called on Beijing to stop a land reclamation project in the disputed South China Sea that could be large enough to accommodate an airstrip.

China And US Face Off Over South China Sea Artificial Island: US, Neighbors See It As Threat

Though economic cooperation between China and the United States was cemented after the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Beijing, military interests in the South China Sea are at odds. New reports on China’s controversial artificial islands in the disputed waters near the Spratly Islands shed light on an area where both nations are far from cooperating.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vụ kiện số 2014-59665: Hoàng Duy Hùng vs nhà báo Nguyễn Đạt Thịnh

Nghị viên Hoàng Duy Hùng (người thắt cà vạt) tại nhà riêng nguyên Chủ tịch nước Nguyễn Minh Triết. Ảnh: Nguyễn Phương Hùng..

Vụ kiện số 2014-59665 là vụ kiện của luật sư Aloysus Hoàng kiện tôi -ký giả Nguyễn đạt Thịnh- sẽ được đem xử tại tòa 215 quận Harris County, dưới quyền phán xét của bà thẩm phánElaine H. Palmer.

Điểm khác thường là phiên tòa, không do ông Hoàng yêu cầu mà do luật sư Mark Bennett, biện hộ cho 2 tôi, yêu cầu; chấp nhận lời yêu cầu của chúng tôi, tòa nhóm họp vào lúc 9 giờ sáng ngày thứ Sáu 14 tháng 11/2014, để ông Hoàng trả lời yêu cầu của tôi, xin miễn tố vụ án, theo tinh thần của đạo luật Texas Citizens Participation Act, Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §§ 27.001 et seq..