Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Europe's Nightmare Coming True: America vs. Russia...Again

By Dmitri Trenin

Russia is learning to live in a new harsh environment of U.S.-led economic sanctions and political confrontation with the United States. More than five months after the change of regime in Kiev, which ushered in a new era in Moscow's foreign policy and its international relations, a rough outline of Russia's new security strategy is emerging. It is designed for a long haul and will probably impact the global scene.

Putin may have passed point of no-return over Ukraine

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Vladimir Putin risks becoming an international pariah over the Ukraine crisis but the Russian president is battening down the hatches for the gathering economic and political storm.

The United States and the European Union saw the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 as a chance for Putin to distance himself from pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine and seal the border across which they say arms are reaching the rebels.

The Wake-Up Call: Europe Toughens Stance against Putin

A column of hearses leaves an airbase in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, carrying the bodies of victims of the Malaysia Airlines crash.

A column of hearses leaves an airbase in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, carrying the bodies of victims of the Malaysia Airlines crash.

It took the shooting down of a Boeing jet carrying almost 300 people before the EU agreed on the first true economic sanctions against Russia. The Americans want further action, but it is impossible to know if punitive measures can sway Vladimir Putin.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Cờ Vàng bay trên đỉnh núi Phú Sĩ 3,776m _T/g Lê Văn Minh HQ21



Sino-Russian Entente Would Move the World a Step Closer to 1914

This piece also appears in the South China Morning Post

Artyom Lukin says the U.S. policy of containment is pushing China and Russia ever closer to forming a powerful anti-Western alliance, greatly raising the possibility of a Third World War

VLADIVOSTOCK -- Whereas the first two world wars broke out and were fought mainly in Europe, the Third World War, if it is not avoided, will most probably erupt in the Asia-Pacific region.

Quite a few scholars and political leaders have found striking similarities between what took place in Europe before the First World War and what we are now witnessing in Asia. The current security situation in the Asia-Pacific -- with competing sovereignty claims, the rise of nationalism among both major and lesser countries, and great power rivalry -- increasingly resembles Europe a century ago.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Từ Giã Thơ Ngây - Như Mai

Từ giã thơ ngây em đi lấy chồng
Người ấy hay tin có buồn lắm không

Colorado River Groundwater Disappearing at 'Shocking' Rate

Colorado River Groundwater Disappearing at 'Shocking' Rate
A ring of light-colored rock shows how much the water level has dropped at Nevada's Lake Mead.

As the Southwest's drought has worsened in the last decade, making surface water scarce, millions of people are drawing more heavily on underground water supplies. The water is coming out faster than it's being replenished, a new study finds.

Between December 2004 and November 2013, more than 75 percent of the water lost in the Colorado River Basin was from groundwater, according to the study. The region has been in a drought since 2000, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ukraine Moves to Ban Communism :-)

As tensions between Ukraine and Russia hit peaks during the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 investigation, a court in Kiev has decided to ban Communism. The court held a hearing today in order to request that the government ban the Communist Party of Ukraine.

The Justice Ministry is arguing for the ban by saying the party supports the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine's eastern region. On July 8, a motion was filed accusing the Communist Party of aiding the rebels with money, weapons, and political motives. The Communist Party also backed the much contested "independence" referendum in eastern Ukraine.

Jim Willie: Source confirms that Germany is ready to leave EU, Euro, and NATO

On July 23, Dr. Jim Willie, a well respected statistician and founder of the Hat Trick Newsletter, was a guest on the USA Watchdog weekly podcast. During the 30 minute interview with host Greg Hunter, Dr. Willie provided an astonishing announcement from a high level source within the London banking system that Germany was on the cusp of severing its long-standing obligations to the U.S., and was ready to leave not only the European Union, but also the Euro currency and NATO to join then join up with Russia, China, and the BRICS coalition to strengthen the financial and economic power of the emerging global system coming out of Eurasia and the East.

Trốn Trại Tù CS _T/g Nguyễn Ngọc Thạch, K20

Sau khi ở tù cải tạo được 5 năm, khi tôi đang ở trại Suối Máu Biên Hòa, thì có một số tù được đưa lên trại Tống Lê Chân gần An Lộc Bình Long. Tôi mừng thầm là nếu đưa tôi lên Tống Lê Chân thì tôi có rất nhiều hy vọng để trốn trại, vì tôi biết rất rõ vùng đất này. Đơn vị đầu tiên khi tôi mới ra trường là Đại đội 11 thuộc Tiểu đoàn 3, Trung đoàn 9, Sư đoàn 5 Bộ Binh đóng gần sân bay An Lộc Bình Long. Và trong suốt thời gian phục vụ từ cấp Trung đội lên đến cấp Trung đoàn tôi vẫn ở trong vùng rừng xanh đất đỏ này.

Giữa tháng 5 năm 1980, họ chuyển tôi từ trại Suối Máu Biên Hòa lên trại Tống Lê Chân. Đây là một trại tù ở giữa rừng, gồm các dãy nhà tranh với mấy lớp hàng rào kẻm gai bên ngoài và một lớp hàng rào tre bao bọc bên trong che kín, không nhìn thấy được bên ngoài. Ở bốn góc và ngay cổng ra vào là các chòi canh được trí súng đại liên. Sau khi lên đến trại Tống Lê Chân, chúng tôi liền nghiên cứu ngay kế hoạch để trốn, vì phải trốn càng sớm càng tốt.

Thỉnh nguyện thư tái xác nhận thế đứng của Úc Châu tại biển Đông

Cộng Đồng Người Việt Tự Do Úc Châu
Vietnamese Community in Australia
PO Box 200 Canley Heights NSW 2166
Tel: 0416 088 782 Email: trivo@ozemail.com.au





Cộng Đồng Người Việt Tự Do Úc Châu (CĐNVTDÚC) xin trân trọng thông báo cùng toàn thể quý vị lãnh đạo tinh thần các tôn giáo, quý vị đại diện các hội đoàn, đoàn thể, quý tổ chức, quý cơ quan truyền thông Việt ngữ và toàn thể quý đồng hương tại Úc Châu, là từ khi ra thông báo này cho đến ngày 30 tháng 9, 2014, CĐNVTDÚC phát động chiến dịch lấy chữ ký của đồng hương chúng ta tại các tiểu bang và lãnh thổ tại Úc Châu. Sau đó chúng ta yêu cầu những dân biểu liên bang đệ trình lên Hạ Viện và Thượng Viện Quốc Hội Úc Châu.

Tin vui: Lễ gắn cấp bậc Chuẩn Tướng cho Đại Tá Lương Xuân Việt...

Tin vui...

Chúng tôi vừa được NT/CH Lê Xuân Vũ,
cậu của Tân Chuẩn Tướng Lương Xuân Việt báo tin:

U.S. House panel votes to authorize lawsuit against Obama

U.S. President Obama disembarks from Air Force One as he arrives at Los Angeles International Airport
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday took another step toward authorizing a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, claiming he has overstepped his executive powers.

In a partisan vote of 7-4, the House Rules Committee approved the legislation, likely setting it up for consideration by the full House next week. The Republican initiative already has spawned a bitter debate with Democrats less than four months before elections that will determine the political control of Congress next year.

How U.S. special forces are preparing for the worst-case scenario in North Korea

Practice makes perfect.

They might be the first ones tasked with stepping across the DMZ one day

Every year, the U.S. and South Korea team up for one of the world's largest military exercises. Thousands of troops backed by fighter aircraft, strategic bombers, and Navy warships plan for the worst.

But America's elite Special Operations Forces are also involved — planning for the day when they might be the first ones tasked with stepping across the DMZ.

Pity the poor Russian billionaire; Putin’s costing them billions

Russian government policies helped create many of the country's billionaires and now they are the reason many of those billionaires are losing billions of dollars of wealth.

These oligarchs got rich when the Russian government awarded them control of newly-privatized, state-owned enterprises. But sanctions imposed by the U.S. and European Union to protest Russia's incursion into Ukraine have erased some of that wealth.